Types of Vending with Crane

With a multitude of different vending machines available throughout the UK, to conveniently dispense snacks and drinks, there are many companies that provide the machines and solutions. However, Crane’s vending machines including the Merchant and BevMAX machines are a cut above the others available in the UK market. These machines are used by various providers of some of the UK’s best vending solutions, including Pelican Rouge, who are proud to work with Crane.

Crane’s Merchant range of machines offers a complete vending experience. These machines provide customers with a great deal of choice and make sure that the vending of products is as seamless as it is convenient. The Merchant range helps to drive sales and ensure the running and stocking of the machines themselves are fit for modern day use and volumes, in a way many other vending machines and solutions do not offer.

With Merchant machines, have an easy to use touchscreen display which makes the process of seeing what has been selected for purchase that bit easier. They also allow for a ‘shopping cart’ function which helps drive increased sales, helping customers spend more. This means that customers will be more likely to buy multiple items in a single purchase, allowing for greater return for the machine’s host.

bank of vending machines

The BevMAX range specialises in the provision of cold beverages and can hold more than 450 products at any given time. This ensures that there is a very good offering of products and that no customer’s needs are missed. With hydration being crucial in so many businesses, helping to maximise the performance of staff, being able to have a vending machine that can meet demand, yet provide a wide selection is often key and the BevMAX provides exactly that.

In addition, the BevMAX range has an attractive glass fronted display and attractive LED lighting. BevMAX machines also offer a shopping cart facility to help push increased numbers of sales. These machines also present the chosen drink easily to the customer ensuring returning trade time after time.