Shopper 2


Shopper 2


The Shopper 2 has been designed to meet the varying needs of a 24 hour refreshment service. Products are stocked into individual compartments on 9 rotating shelves. Trays can be easily configured to hold a selections of plated main meals to small snack items, maximising the available space and offering customers a wide choice of products.

The Shopper 2 also features solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint. The latest energy saving software reduces energy consumption. In energy saving mode, the Shopper 2 uses 13% less energy when in Idle mode. Vend door heaters can also be switched off when ambient humidity and temperature conditions permit.

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Why Choose Shopper 2?

  • 9 levels each with 127mm (5") tall vend doors allowing for optimum product visibility and easy access for users

  • Powered vend doors on all levels allow easy, one handed operation

  • Two way drum rotation speeds selection time and increases sales

  • Foam-in-place cabinet and door increases overall operating efficiency and eliminates sealing, condensation and temperature variation issues

  • New refrigeration design and improves airflow provides the most even temperature distribution in the industry

  • Shopper 2 machines can help provide a healthy vending option for schools, sports centres, canteens etc

  • Bespoke graphics available to special order

  • Individual selection pricing increases flexibility

  • Model shown is a Shopper 2 finished in silver with Abstract graphics

  • The best and most reliable food vending machine in the market

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Shopper 2 is one of the more energy efficient vending machines in the market-place today. The latest power save software reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the machine "vend ready". A Shopper 2 in energy save mode uses 13% less energy per hour than when in standby mode while a machine in energy save mode and door heaters switched off (where conditions allow) uses 56% less energy per hour.